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White 5mm Water Clear LED - 15deg - 17500mCd

White 5mm Mega bright Water Clear LED with a viewing angle of 15 degrees. Luminous intensity 17500mCd.

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Forward voltage drop: 3.2 V
Viewing angle: 15 degrees
Max forward current: 30 mA
Luminous intensity: 15000 - 20000 mCd (@20mA)
Lens types: Water clear

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No of parallel LEDs:
LED forward voltage: V
Typical LED current: mA
Battery voltage: V
Resistance (calc): Ohms
Preferred value: Ohms
Resistor colour bands:
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Posted by H Swinyard, Tuesday, 10 June 2014 on product White 5mm Water Clear LED - 15deg - 17500mCd


Can I use this LED without a current limiting resistor? -ie- connected direct to a 3V coin cell (CR1220)? We want to make a simple torch WITHOUT a resistor, so if this one is not suitable (as it's 3.2V) then please advise which of your white 5mm superbright LEDs would work directly from a 3.0V cell. Thank you!


  • Posted by Aaron Sturman on Tuesday, 10 June 2014
    This one is suitable. Well, it will work attached directly to a 3V coincell. It's usually a good idea to use a current limit resistor but it isn't vital for what you are doing.
Posted by Hannah, Tuesday, 11 June 2013 on product White 5mm Water Clear LED - 15deg - 17500mCd


What coin battery would be best to use for two of the mega bright LEDs in a circuit?


  • Posted by Aaron Sturman on Tuesday, 11 June 2013
    Hi Hannah, we do a CR1220, CR2012 and CR2032. The first two numbers are the diameter so 12mm or 20mm and the last two numbers are the height of the battery in tenths of millimeters so 2mm or 1.2mm or 3.2mm. All the batteries have the same voltage 3V so any would work but the bigger batteries hold more charge. CR2032 would light them for the longest. You should wire the LEDs in parallel.

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