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White 5mm Diffused LED - 700mCd

White 5mm Standard Diffused LED with a viewing angle of 60 degrees. Luminous intensity 700mCd.

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Forward voltage drop: 3.1 V
Viewing angle: 60 degrees
Max forward current: 25 mA
Luminous intensity: 700 mCd (@20mA)
Lens types: Diffused

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No of parallel LEDs: V
LED forward voltage: V
Typical LED current: mA
Battery voltage: V
Resistance (calc): Ohms
Preferred value: Ohms
Resistor colour bands:
Enter the operating voltage, click calculate resistor and the resistor value to work with the LED described on this page will be shown.


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Posted by Dr T, Tuesday, 15 May 2012 on product White 5mm Diffused LED - 700mCd
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    A: The forward voltage on this LED is 3.1V so you need at least 3.1V from your battery. 2 AA batteries will give you 3V when they are new, however over time the voltage will drop down to 1V per cell or 2V across both of the batteries. You can probably get away with a 3V power source on an LED with a 3.1V forward voltage, but it certainly won?t work down at 2V. You might be better going for 3x AA batteries with a 68 ohm or 100 ohm series current limit resistor.
    Posted by Geoff Hampson on Tuesday, 15 May 2012
Posted by Paul, on product White 5mm Diffused LED - 700mCd
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    A: Hi Paul, As the LED’s forward voltage and the micro:bit supply voltage are the same there wouldn’t be a need for a resistor as you don’t need to drop any voltage.
    Posted by Michael Lockhart on Friday, 15 September 2017

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