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Phototransistor LTR-4206, pack of 10

A Lite-On LTR-4206 Phototransistor (RoHS compliant) in a Low cost plastic package (4mm dia.). It has been lensed for high light sensitivity. Supplied in 10 pack

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This Lite-On LTR-4206 Phototransistor is a fully RoHS compliant through hole component. This component has been used in our Inventors Kit (from V1.7) for the BBC microbit and replaced the LDR from previous versions. The phototransistor is also much more sensitive and precise than the LDR that it replaced.

There are several different types of phototransistor on the market that are calibrated for certain wavelength bands, such as infrared. The LTR-4206 Phototransistor, however, has been calibrated for visible light and its conductivity is directly affected by the level of ambient light that falls on it. They can also be used as a replacement in circuits for similarly rated LDRs, including circuits featuring voltage dividers such as night lights.

The LTR-4206 Phototransistor has been lensed for high light sensitivity and has been constructed from plastic to ensure that it also offers very good value for the money. They are supplied as a pack of 10.


  • Lensed for high light sensitivity.
  • Low cost plastic package.
  • Supplied as a 10 pack.
  • They can be used as an alternative to LDRs.
  • The flat side denotes the collector. The non flat side denotes the emitter, and the light level falling on the lens determines the base voltage.
  • RoHS compliant


  • 10 x LTR-4206 Phototransistors.


  • Package Length: 6mm.
  • Pitch: 2.54mm.
  • Diameter: 4mm.



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