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3mm BR Grade Birch Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm sheet

High quality 3mm BR Grade, Birch Laser Plywood. This plywood has a smoother surface and a higher quality finish than typical plywood. 600mm x 400mm.

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This is a high quality 3mm BR Grade, Birch Laser Plywood sheet produced in Finland which is suitable for a wide range of applications and is suitable for laser cutting.

This is BR 'veneer' grade Birch Plywood. This is similar to B grade material, with knots that would typically not exceed 7mm to 8mm in diameter. It shows the natural look of the wood and will show natural colour variations. These plywoods are used in specialist applications and tend to have a slightly higher quality feel. The surface of the material is sanded to a smoother finish than that of most plywoods.

This plywood uses an EN314-2 Class 1 glue which is suitable for interior (dry) conditions. Interior glue is generally considered the preferred option for materials that are to be laser cut. We use interior glues because exterior glues can cause a more obvious 'burnt' look on and around the area that is cut.

This material is PEFC certified.


  • High quality material with a smoother surface than typical plywood.
  • PEFC Certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).
  • Interior grade glue.
  • 6 ply plywood.


  • 1 x 3mm BR Grade Birch Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm sheet.


  • Length: 600mm.
  • Width: 400mm.
  • Height: 3mm.


The manufacturing tolerance for the thickness of plywood sheets are the stated thickness +/-10%. This means a 3mm plywood sheet could be between 2.7mm and 3.3mm in thickness.



  • As wood is a natural product there is often a bow or crook to plywood, and in some cases a twist. We have measured curvature as much as a 30mm rise between the flat center of the plywood and the corner, therefore if using on a laser cutter these sheets should be strapped/taped to the laser bed before cutting.


  • On all Plywood, MDF and Perspex Sheet Orders (excluding A4 size) there is a flat delivery charge of £6.50 per order.


Posted by Steve, Friday, 16 December 2016 on product 3mm BR Grade Birch Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm sheet
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    Hi Steve, Unfortunately you are correct, each machine will cut differently and as the machine is used and the tube becomes used it will become more difficult to cut. Also the material plays a large part as well, as from batch to batch and even sometimes within batches the density of the wood can change. As such a few test cuts should provide you with an ideal cutting setting for the wood. You may also want to look at using poplar laser ply as this is more consistent and less dense than birch so will cut easier and quicker,

    Posted by Michael Lockhart on Friday, 16 December 2016
Posted by Charlotte Hetherington, Monday, 14 December 2015 on product 3mm BR Grade Birch Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm sheet
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    This product is supplied individually, the 10 for £9.35 means the individual price will drop to £9.35 a sheet when a quantity of 10 or more is ordered.

    Posted by Michael Lockhart on Monday, 14 December 2015

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