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0.8mm BR Grade Birch Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm sheet

High quality 0.8mm Birch Laser Plywood. This plywood has a smoother surface than typical plywood, and can be flexed to create curved designs. 600mm x 400mm.

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This is a high quality 0.8mm Flexible Birch Plywood sheet produced in Finland which is suitable for a wide range of applications and is suitable for laser cutting. It is bendy and can be flexed to create curved designs.

This is BR 'veneer' grade Birch Plywood. This is similar to B grade material, with knots that would typically not exceed 7mm to 8mm in diameter. It shows the natural look of the wood and will show natural colour variations. These thinner plywoods are used in specialist applications and tend to have a slightly higher quality feel. The surface of the material is sanded to a smoother finish than that that of most plywoods.

This plywood uses an EN314-2 Class 1 glue which is suitable for interior (dry) conditions. Interior glue is generally considered the preferred option for materials that are to be laser cut. We use interior glues because exterior glues can cause a more obvious 'burnt' look on and around the area that is cut.

This material is PEFC certified.


  • High quality material with a smoother surface than typical plywood.
  • PEFC Certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).
  • Interior grade glue.
  • 3 ply plywood.


  • 1 x 0.8mm BR Grade Birch Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm Sheet.


  • Length: 600mm.
  • Width: 400mm.
  • Height: 0.8mm.




The manufacturing tolerance for the thickness of plywood sheets are the stated thickness +/-10%. This means a 0.8mm plywood sheet could be between 0.72mm and 0.88mm in thickness.



  • As wood is a natural product there is often a bow or crook to plywood, and in some cases a twist. We have measured curvature as much as a 30mm rise between the flat center of the plywood and the corner, therefore if using on a laser cutter these sheets should be strapped/taped to the laser bed before cutting.


  • On all Plywood, MDF and Perspex Sheet Orders (excluding A4 size) there is a flat delivery charge of £6.50 per order.
Video: High Quality Flexible Birch Ply
High Quality Flexible Birch Laserable Plywood has a smoother surface than typical plywood, and can be flexed to create curved designs. 600mm x 400mm.
BR grade birch
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Posted by Barry, Thursday, 30 June 2016 on product 0.8mm BR Grade Birch Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm sheet


Hi - I am an Architect. We are currently building models in our studio. We wish to buy some 6mm and 0.8 plywood but wondered it there was any visible difference in the colour between the sheets? In the online images the 0.8mm looks yellow compared to the 6mm sheets. I am aware it can vary. Also is it possible to get 750 x 500mm sized sheets?


  • Posted by Rob Haywood on Thursday, 30 June 2016


    I’ve just had a look at the 0.8mm BR grade birch and there is quite a bit of colour variation within that product let alone comparing it to another product, some sheets match exactly probably as they were cut from the same log, but others are different shades. I don’t think you can expect them to match.

    At the moment the biggest sheet size is 600 x 400mm and we don’t currently have any plans to do a bigger sheet size. We could get material cut to order, but there would be a big minimum order quantity in the order of hundreds of sheets which means for most people it isn’t really viable.

    Best regards


Posted by Santiago Reyes Villaveces, Tuesday, 24 May 2016 on product 0.8mm BR Grade Birch Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm sheet


Hi, I am a sculpture. Currently, I am working on a site-specific project in Italy. I am interested in using 0.8mm BR Grade Birch Laser Plywood for the project. I have the following questions: There's a bigger sheet size for this product? The exhibition it is going to be for 3 months, I am planning to use it for outdoor, is the product going to maintain its properties during this period of time? The exhibition it is going to have high visibility, due to the fact that is an art biennale with the participation of educational institutions from across Europe would you be interested in exploring a possible sponsorship for the project?


  • Posted by Michael Lockhart on Tuesday, 24 May 2016

    The answer to your questions are as follows: 1, unfortunately this product comes in pre-cut to us from our supplier, and as such this is currently the largest sheet size we can obtain. 2, the plywood doesn’t have a coating to protect it from the elements, as such without any protection it wouldn’t with stand being outdoors, even with protection it is difficult to determine how the products properties would change. 3, we wouldn’t be able to offer sponsorship for this exhibition, we have a limited budget for this and we have already used this for this current year. I apologise that we are unable to help with your project.

Posted by Inga, Tuesday, 26 May 2015 on product 0.8mm BR Grade Birch Laser Plywood, 600mm x 400mm sheet


Hello, Currently I am working on my master's thesis research stage that, provides several material studies, like flexible plywood, flexply, MDF masterform. Please send me technical data sheet(s) for the following product: • Birch Laser Plywood (which are flexible) I look forward to your reply. Best regards, Inga Zotova


  • Posted by Michael Lockhart on Tuesday, 26 May 2015

    Hello Inga, I will look into obtaining the datasheet for the thin laser plywood that we stock, and will then forward this on to you.

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