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6mm Birch Laser Plywood, 297mm x 210mm (A4)

6mm Birch Laser Plywood Sheet. B grade on topside, BB grade on underside. Convienient A4 (297mm x 210mm) sheet size. Ideal for a wide number of applications.

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High quality 297mm x 210mm (A4) Birch Plywood sheets. Suitable for a wide range of applications, including use on a laser cutter.

This is B/BB grade Birch Plywood with B grade on the topside and BB grade on the underside. Please note: As wood is a natural product, there is often a crook or bow to the sheet. The natural twist might be in excess of 25mm (see below - Tolerances and Caution).

The B grade topside shows the natural look of the wood. There will be changes in colour that show the grain pattern. Sound, smooth knots are allowed and these will typically be under 15mm to 35mm in diameter. The surface should normally be free from open knots and plugs. This material should be suitable for paint / stain or a lacquered finish.

BB grade is similar to B grade but allows for larger knots and repairs to the face. Sound, smooth knots are allowed and these will typically be under 50mm in diameter. Open knots can be repaired with wooden plugs. The material should be suitable for applications where the visual look is not critical..

Our Birch Plywood uses an EN314-2 Class 1 glue which is suitable for interior (dry) conditions. Interior glue is generally considered the preferred option for materials that are to be laser cut. This is because the exterior glues can cause a more obvious 'burnt' look on and around the area that is cut.

Knots or resin within the material can cause scorch marks when used on a laser cutter. These can usually be removed with fine grade wet and dry sandpaper.

Although some sheets may have 2 faultless faces, some may have imperfections on both sides and therefore this product is most suitable for applications where a solid surface is needed but the visual aspects are not critical.

This material is FSC certified.


  • B grade finish on topside.
  • BB grade finish on underside.
  • FSC certified(Forestry Standards Commission).
  • Interior grade glue.


  • 1 x 6mm Birch Laser Plywood, 297mm x 210mm (A4) Sheet.


  • Length: 297mm.
  • Width: 210mm.
  • Height: 6mm.

Example imperfections:



The manufacturing tolerance for the thickness of plywood sheets are the stated thickness +0.4mm/-0.5mm. This means a 6mm plywood sheet could be between 5.5mm and 6.4mm in thickness.



  • As wood is a natural product there is often a bow or crook to plywood, and in some cases a twist. We have measured in excess of 25mm rise between the flat centre of the plywood and the corner. These twists are completely normal and add to the natural character of the plywood. If you are using this product on a laser cutter; these sheets should be strapped/taped to the laser bed before cutting.
BR grade birch
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Posted by Roy, Tuesday, 21 July 2015 on product 6mm Birch Laser Plywood, 297mm x 210mm (A4)
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    40 Watts is enough to be able to cut through 6mm Plywood, however you would need to reduce the speed of your laser to a slow speed and sometimes it may require two passes of the laser.

    Posted by Michael Lockhart on Tuesday, 21 July 2015

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