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Decade counter (4017B)

A 16 DIL pin Decade Counter with 10 decoded outputs and inputs including, clock, reset, and clock inhibit.

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The 4017 decade counter has ten output lines, one to represent each of the numbers 0 to 9, there is also a carry out line which goes high as the counter goes from 9 back round to 0. The counter is reset to zero when the reset line is held in a high state. As long as the clock inhibit is held low, upon a rising edge of the clock pin the output will count up from zero, one number at a time for each rising edge on the clock pin.


  • Operating voltage: 3V 20V.
  • Max quiescent current (at 5V): 5uA.
  • Typical output drive (at 5V): 1mA.
  • Max clock frequency (at 5V): 5MHz.
  • Meets all requirements of JEDEC JESD13B 'Standard Specifications For Description of B Series CMOS Devices'.


  • 1 x Decade Counter (4017B)


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