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Electro-Fashion, Tilt Switch

This Sewable Tilt Switch can be used to activate your E-Textiles project when it is tilted. When horizontal, the switch is off. When tilted, the switch is on.

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This sewable tilt switches from Kitronik can be used to activate your e-textiles project when it is tilted.

When horizontal this switch is off. When tilted 10 from horizontal the tilt switch is on.

It has two connection points to which the conductive thread is connected. The PCBs are double sided making the conductive thread connection very reliable (see example picture below).


  • Double Sided PCBs for reliable connections.


  • 1 x Sewable Tilt Switch.


  • Length: 26mm.
  • Width: 6.5mm.
  • Height: 7mm.


Example Circuit:.

For illustration only, not actual components provided.

Physical characteristics:

  • Length: 26mm.
  • Width: 6.5mm.
  • Height: 7mm.

Electrical characteristics:

  • Maximum Switch Rating Voltage DC: 24V.
  • Maximum Switch Rating Current: 0.025A (25mA).
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Posted by gladys, Friday, 11 April 2014 on product Electro-Fashion, Tilt Switch


Hello, I have been researching for hours tilt sensors and this is what I need. I want to put some LEDs on my hat on the left and on the right so that when i tilt my head, the LEDs come on depending on which side i tilt my head. Would i need two sensors for my idea? I want to use about 8 to 10 LEDS to form a V shape on each side, can you give me some tips please and information on your tilt sensors. can i use them without an Arduino and if i use an Arduino what would be the difference or benefit? Thank You Gladys


  • Posted by Matt Macleod on Friday, 11 April 2014
    Hi Gladys, The tilt sensors are basically switches that turn on when they are tilted. The problem with using them as you are looking to is that they can't tell which way they are being tilted so if you had one on each side they would both turn on regardless of the way you tilted the hat. An Arduino is a little microprocessor that can be programmed to read many inputs and operate several outputs. You can program it with something like "if tilt sensor is tilted turn LEDs 1,2 and 3 on for 5 seconds then LEDs 4,6 and 6" or much more complex things if you have more sensors and outputs.

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