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Electro-Fashion, Tilt Switch

This Sewable Tilt Switch can be used to activate your E-Textiles project when it is tilted. When horizontal, the switch is off. When tilted, the switch is on.

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This sewable tilt switches from Kitronik can be used to activate your e-textiles project when it is tilted.

When horizontal this switch is off. When tilted 10 from horizontal the tilt switch is on.

It has two connection points to which the conductive thread is connected. The PCBs are double sided making the conductive thread connection very reliable (see example picture below).


  • Double Sided PCBs for reliable connections.


  • 1 x Sewable Tilt Switch.


  • Length: 26mm.
  • Width: 6.5mm.
  • Height: 7mm.


Example Circuit:.

For illustration only, not actual components provided.

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