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2592_large mg90s mini metal gear servo tower pro

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Mini 180 Degree Metal Gear Servo MG90S

The MG90S Metal Gear 180 degree Servo is a very small, lightweight, powerful, and highly durable servo. It operates between 4.8V to 6V and only weights 13.4g.

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The MG90S Servo is small and lightweight but boasts a high output power for its size. This is largely due to its metal gear and bearing. This makes it much more durable than other types of small servo that feature plastic gears and bearings. The durability of the MG90S Servos metal gears makes it the perfect choice for RC models such as Airplanes and also for Robotics projects. These servos can also be found in a wide variety of kits, an example of this is the MeArm Robot arm.

The servo can rotate approx. 180 degrees, 90 in each direction, and it can be driven with any standard 180 degree servo code/libraries. It can be coded using the MakeCode or Python editors which makes it ideal for novice or expert level projects. If this servo is being used with a BBC microbit then it will need a separate power supply. You may also need to level shift the PWM voltage to insure it is at the same voltage as the servos supply.

The servos are supplied with three horns and the associated fixings which should allow you to slot these servos into your projects with relative ease and without the need to make custom horns.

The MG90S metal gear servo is rated to operate between 4.8V and 6V and has a standard servo connector. The three wires are; Orange = PWM, Red = Vcc, and Brown = Ground.


  • Small and compact yet high power output.
  • Metal gears for strength and durability.
  • Can be coded with the Microsoft MakeCode Editor.
  • Suitable for RC models and Robotics projects.
  • 180 degrees of rotation, 90 in each direction.
  • Operating Voltage of 4.8V - 6V.


  • 1 x MG90S Metal Gear Servo With 3 Horns & Fixings.


  • Length: 32.5mm.
  • Width: 12mm.
  • Height: 35.5mm.



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