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2591 C_large solderless gear motor robotics angled

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Solderless Gear Motor - Clearance

Use our solderless gear motors in your robot/buggy builds for fast and easy construction without the need to power up the soldering Iron! With a D shaped staff.

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Our Solderless Gear Motor provides a compact plastic brushed DC gearmotor with 2 x 0.1" (2.54mm) pitch male pins attached. This allows for connection of the motor to terminal blocks etc. without requiring soldering.

Jumper cables are an ideal method of connection, making sure that one end of the cables has a female connection.

The solderless gearmotors are a great choice for use in small robots due to their light weight and they are also ideal for use with a Motor Driver such as the Motor Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit.

Theses motors are intended for operation at 4.5 V, though they run comfortably in the 3 V to 6 V range.

The board has been designed to accept an optional suppression capacitor and there is enough room to facilitate this. This can be fitted or not, depending on the application required.


  • Fit them into your buggy/robot without the need to solder a connection.
  • Ideal for small robotics projects.
  • D shaped output staff.
  • Operating Voltage range of 3V - 6V.
  • Gear Ratio of 120:1.


  • 1 x Solderless Gear Motor.


  • For detailed dimensions, please refer to the Drawing.pdf_icon.gif





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