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S365 (MM36) High Power 12VDC motor

This High Power S365 (MM36) Motor has a wide operating range 12V - 24V. Suitable for water pumps, robotics etc. Rotation is counter-clockwise.

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This High Power S365 DC motor with a wide operating range 12V - 24V. Axle diameter: 3mm. Typical Speed: 14350RPM. Typical Power Output: 14.9W. Typical Current: 1.3A. Includes two mounting holes for M2.6 bolts. Suitable for robotics.

Rotation is counter-clockwise as viewed from shaft end.


  • 12V - 24V Operating Voltage.
  • Anti-clockwise rotation.
  • 14.9W Output.
  • 5 pole DC motor.
  • Two mounting holes.


  • 1 x S365 (MM36) High Power 12VDC Motor.


  • Length: 32.5mm.
  • Diameter: 27.7mm.
  • Shaft Length: 12.8mm.
  • Axle Diameter: 2.3mm.


Physical characteristics:

  • Length: 32.5mm.
  • Diameter: 27.7mm.
  • Axle Length: 12.8mm.
  • Axle Diameter: 2.3mm.
  • Weight: 52g.

Electrical characteristics:

  • Operating Voltage: 12V - 24V.
  • Typical Speed: 14350RPM.
  • Typical Current: 1.3A.


Posted by Jaxson, Tuesday, 20 September 2016 on product S365 (MM36) High Power 12VDC motor


If I spin this motor does it create power or does I take power to spin


  • Posted by Michael Lockhart on Tuesday, 20 September 2016

    Hi Jaxson, Yes this motor does require power to spin, but you could also apply a force to create power, this turns the product from a motor to a dynamo. However a large amount of force would be required to make this produce power.

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