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Right Angle Geared Hobby Motor

This is a 90RPM geared hobby motor. It runs off a voltage of between 3V and 6V and can be used with our matching tyre, allowing you to build your own buggy.

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This is a 90RPM geared hobby motor. It can be used with our matching wheel, allowing you to build your own buggy.

The motors operating voltage (3V to 6V) make it suitable for use in battery powered applications.

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Posted by Mark Harvey, Tuesday, 5 December 2017 on product Right Angle Geared Hobby Motor
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    Hi Mark, You can use a microcontroller to then send a PWM signal to the motors which can then be used to control the speed. Examples of using PWM can be found on line and you can even use our line following buggy and the BBC micro:bit. 

    Posted by Michael Lockhart on Friday, 12 May 2017
Posted by Lorrainbow, Wednesday, 30 March 2016 on product Right Angle Geared Hobby Motor
  • 1

    You would need to solder the cable to the motor terminal, this would then be used to connect to the motor controller.

    Posted by Michael Lockhart on Wednesday, 30 March 2016
Posted by Hayley McArthur, Tuesday, 17 June 2014 on product Right Angle Geared Hobby Motor
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    A: The shaft diameter is 5.4mm at the widest point. It isn't round though it's a D shape. There's a technical drawing on the product page which gives the full dimensions.
    Posted by Aaron Sturman on Monday, 16 June 2014
Posted by NW5298, Tuesday, 27 May 2014 on product Right Angle Geared Hobby Motor
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    A: Hello, The no load current is around 200mA and the stall current is around 1.25A. I real life application will be somewhere in between. I would work on the stall figure to be safe.
    Posted by Aaron Sturman on Tuesday, 27 May 2014
Posted by Bradley, on product Right Angle Geared Hobby Motor
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    Hi Bradley, The motor won’t be waterproof and the solder tags also are exposed so placing this in water wouldn’t be a great idea. It would also be quiet difficult to place a chasing around the motor without restricting the air flow or the shaft of the motor, unfortunately we don’t have any recommendations for this.

    Posted by Michael Lockhart on Monday, 24 April 2017

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Operating voltage:3V to 6V (4.5V nominal)
Speed:90RPM (approx)
No load current:200mA (approx)
Stall current:1.25A (approx)
Robot Buggy Part 1 An Introduction
This fun learning resource has been put together to provide teachers with an all in one design and technology challenge that you can set for your students over the course of a term or a year. The resource includes a number of different design and technology aspects; electronics, mechanical assembly, 2D and 3D design, using a laser cutter, using a 3D printer and coding and testing. There are also alternative production methods highlighted in the individual resources.
Coding With The PXT Editor
Robot Buggy Part 6 Coding With The MakeCode Editor
Martin Woolley explains how he wrote the Robot Buggy code using the Microsoft PXT Editor for the BBC micro:bit. Includes a link to the completed code. Martin not only wrote the code that we use for the remote controlled buggies, he also designed the Bluetooth profile for the BBC micro:bit and wrote and released the micro:bit Blue App, which we used to control the buggys.
The Self Righting Flag
Robot Buggy Part 5 The Self Righting Flag
The last part of our physical design challenge was to design a flag for a capture the flag style game. As with most of the design challenges that this project presented, we had some ideas and discarded the difficult and impractical until we were left with a simple but effective solution.
The 3D Printed Add-Ons
Robot Buggy Part 4 The 3D Printed Add-Ons
When designing the 3D printed add-ons we had two main aims; that they maintained our Robot Wars theme and that they could be printed easily. Our additional goals were to create two team colour schemes and that each buggy had it's own personality.
Creating The Perspex Top Plate
Robot Buggy Part 3 Creating The Perspex Top Plate
We looked at a few different ways of achieving our Robot Wars inspired buggy but quickly settled on keeping the buggy completely intact and cutting a top plate from a perspex sheet. We wanted it to be functional, aesthetically pleasing and also easy to produce. We had six buggies to design and build and only a few days to get them done.
Remote Control Via Bluetooth
Robot Buggy Part 7 Remote Control Via Bluetooth
Bluetooth is the technology that makes the remote control aspect of this project possible, fortunately, the BBC micro:bit comes with Bluetooth functionality as standard. Martin Woolley explains how to pair your Android device with the BBC micro:bit and how to use is micro:bit Blue App to control the Robot Buggy.
line following buggy
Robot Buggy Part 2 The Line Following Buggy
The line following buggy for the BBC micro:bit is a great kit for students to build as it combines several elements of design and technology; electronics, mechanical assembly and coding and it is this buggy that the Robot Buggies are built upon. The kit has relatively few parts and is simple to build, making it a suitable option as a classroom activity.
BBC micro:bit Line Following Buggy Build Instructions
This is a step by step guide to building the BBC micro:bit Line Following Buggy. The buggy uses two light dependant resistors to control a line following board on the bottom of the chassis to 'follow' black lines.
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