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Rechargeable AA Battery (1300mA/h)

AA Size Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable Battery with a capacity of 1300mAh. GP branded. Nominal voltage 1.2V

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An AA Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery with a capacity of 1300mAh.

GP Branded.

Nominal voltage 1.2V

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Posted by Denis, Monday, 13 February 2017 on product Rechargeable AA Battery (1300mA/h)
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    Hi Denis, These batteries have a supply voltage of between 1.2 and 1.5V, as such you would need around 8 of them to get the 12V required. However I can’t confirm how many you would need for 1 hour of use as I don’t know which motor you are using. Each battery will supply around 1300mA, as such this means if the motor draws 200mA you would get around 6 hours of battery life. Also we don’t have any data regarding the battery and how it performs over 100 charges, however the manufacture states the following regarding service life: >500 cycles (IEC standard), Up to 1000 cycles (not less than 60% of nominal at 0.1C charge / 0.2C discharge).

    Posted by Michael Lockhart on Monday, 13 February 2017

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