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8 Pin PIC Development Board (2 in, 3 out)

Exclusive to Kitronik
Teaching Notes
Key Stage 3/4
The terminal blocks on this simple 8 pin PIC project allows for quick prototyping and re-use of the board, compatible with most education Flowcharting Systems.

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This board has been designed to complement the smaller project board.

This larger development board (once built) can be used as a starting point for a project by attaching inputs and outputs to the board via the terminal blocks.

The PIC software can then be developed and the complete solution tested without using a soldering iron. Once students are happy with their design they can transfer the design to the project board, soldering their chosen peripherals into the board. This development board can then be reused on future projects.

Processor not included.


  • This board is compatible with most education Flowcharting Systems.
  • Connect any device to the outputs of the board including LEDs, sounders, motors etc.
  • This development board can then be reused on future projects.
  • The teaching notes for this project include a number of possible projects including, a decision maker, traffic light, timer, quiz buzzer, alarm and a timed fan.



  • PCB Length: 76mm.
  • PCB Width: 48mm.




  • This kit requires soldering.
  • Processor not included.
  • You will also need either the PICAXE or GENIE programming software and lead.

Free samples:

Teachers can order a sample of this kit (one per school) here. You will need to select the kit from a list of all the sample kits; the stock code for this kit is 2126.
Note: this service is only offered to schools for evaluation purposes only.

Buy British:

 This kit is designed and manufactured in the UK by Kitronik.

PCB LxW (mm): 76 x 48.
PCB Component Count: 22.
Voltage Nominal (V): 4.5.
Voltage Range (V): 2.V - 5V (Once Programmed).


Posted by James Tennant, Tuesday, 19 May 2015 on product 8 Pin PIC Development Board (2 in, 3 out)
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    It is possible to use a potentiometer with this circuit, the easiest way to connect this up would be to connect one pin from the potentiometer to the ground connection on the power input to the board, and the two remaining pins can be connected to the terminal block on the input. However you would need to remove the pull down resistor that is related to the input you are using. So if you used input 1 you would remove R1, and if you used input 2 then you would remove R2. You would need to select a potentiometer that is most situated to your project.

    Posted by Michael Lockhart on Tuesday, 19 May 2015
Posted by mavis taylor, Wednesday, 1 October 2014 on product 8 Pin PIC Development Board (2 in, 3 out)
  • 0
    A: At the moment we do not supply a pre-soldered variant of this board.
    Posted by Aaron Sturman on Wednesday, 1 October 2014
Posted by Luke Sawyer, on product 8 Pin PIC Development Board (2 in, 3 out)
  • 0
    A: Hi Luke, You may be able to connect this to the development board, however the only output connection you could use is output 3, as this is rated to 800mA, whereas 1 and 2 are only rated to 23mA. The solenoid we stock doesn’t state a current draw by may be able to be used.
    Posted by Michael Lockhart on Wednesday, 17 May 2017

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