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Easy Build Timer Project Kit

Easy Build
Exclusive to Kitronik
Teaching Notes
Key Stage 3
The Easy Build Timer Kit can be set to time periods of up to 4 minutes. To begin the timer, press the button. As the LED turns from green to red, the time is up

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With its low part count this easy build timer project makes a good introduction to electronics. The timer uses a resistor capacitor network to provide a time delay of between 1 second and 4 minutes, which is set by the PCB mount variable resistor. When the button is pressed the LED changes from red to green, then at the end of the time interval it turns red.

This product is also available in retail packaging making them an ideal gift. Click here to view the retail version.


  • Easy build timer kit.
  • When the time set has been reached the LED changes colour.
  • The time delay can be adjusted via the variable resistor.



  • PCB Length: 54mm.
  • PCB Width: 26mm.




Free samples:

Teachers can order a sample of this kit (one per school) here. You will need to select the kit from a list of all the sample kits; the stock code for this kit is 2111.
Note: this service is only offered to schools for evaluation purposes only.

Buy British:

 This kit is designed and manufactured in the UK by Kitronik.

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Posted by Douglas Grainger, Wednesday, 7 October 2015 on product Easy Build Timer Project Kit
  • 0

    We sell a kit which has an adjustable timer which controls the length of time a number of LED’ (of your choice) will remain on for after a switch has been pressed. This is the LED picture frame kit, code 2146

    Posted by Michael Lockhart on Wednesday, 7 October 2015
Posted by Ian Soady, Thursday, 12 February 2015 on product Easy Build Timer Project Kit
  • 0

    Yes this can be done you would need to change either R1 or R4, we however don’t do a large sized variable resistor than 1M. So the best option is to change R1 for a 2M2 and set R4 to 1M, which will then give you around 15 minutes.

    Posted by Michael Lockhart on Thursday, 12 February 2015
Posted by Ferdy, Friday, 12 October 2012 on product Easy Build Timer Project Kit
  • 0
    A: Yes you can change the PCB mount switch for a panel mount switch, however if you are doing this be careful to connect to the right pads on the switch. The PCB mount tact switch has four legs and two or these are connected together both inside the switch and on the PCB. You only need to connect the switch to two pads, but make sure they are not the two pads that are joined together by a track. If you look under components you will find a section on switches, where there are a range of panel mount switches: The LED in this kit can be mounted using a panel mount clip see: Unfortunately we are not able to supply boxes or the anything similar to the kit you have linked.
    Posted by Geoff Hampson on Friday, 12 October 2012

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PCB LxW (mm): 54 x 26.
PCB Component Count: 11.
Voltage Nominal (V): 3.
Voltage Range (V): 2.4 - 3.5.
Standby Current (mA): 11.3.
Current max at Nominal Voltage (mA): 15.1.
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Toothbrush Timer designed by students at Meole Brace School.
Gallery Toothbrush Timer – Meole Brace School Year 7
Toothbrush Timers designed by year 7 students at Meole Brace School.
Easy Build Timer demo
Video Easy Build Timer Demo
Easy Build Timer demo video.
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