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2066_large thermochromic thermometer strip liquid level fire extinguisher

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Smart Materials - Thermochromic Temperature Indicator Strip

Flexible, durable and adhesive-backed Thermochromic strip that changes colour depending on temperature differential between liquid and gases within containers.

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This versatile strip utilises materials with thermochromic properties to change colour depending on the temperature of the surface that it is attached to. As such this can then be used as a quick visual reference for a vessel containing a heated liquid, over time the temperature will change and the colour will change accordingly. There are a number of coffee cups on desks at Kitronik now sporting such a strip...

The strip has adhesive backing and a protective film. It measures 450mm x 20mm and can be cut to length to fit most sizes of canister.

These strips can also be used to determine the approximate difference in temperature between two areas. As such they can be used to indicate the level of the liquid in butane gas canisters or foam/liquid level in a fire extinguisher. The product here is demonstrating thermal conduction and the principle of a heat sink.


  • Keep track of temperature changes of a liquid within a vessel.
  • The strips are adhesive backed and have a polyester protective film allowing them to be stuck to the surface of a container.
  • The strips can be cut to length without compromising the strips in anyway.


  • 1 x Adhesive-backed Thermochromic Temperature Indicator Strip 450mm x 20mm.


  • Length: 450mm.
  • Width: 20mm.


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