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Retail Pack - Mono Amplifier Kit - no longer stocked

Exclusive to Kitronik
Teaching Notes
Key Stage 3
DISCONTINUED - This 1.6W Audio Amplifier Kit can be used with any Personal Stereo Equipment, including MP3 Players. Blister retail packaging.

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Please note: this product has been discontinued and is present for reference only. It is not possible to buy this product.

This item has been replaced by Retail Pack - Mono Amplifier Kit V2

This audio amplifier kit can be used with any personal stereo equipment, including MP3 players.

It uses a TBA820M audio amplifier IC which can output 1.6W of power.

The kit is supplied with a pre-built jack cable and a PP3 battery clip, and can run off any voltage from 3 to 16 volts.


  • Great value electronic project kit.
  • Works with any stereo equipment.



  • Length: 45.5mm.
  • Width: 35.5mm.



This kit is supplied in a blister retail packaging. It is also available in a simple grip seal bag and bulk quantities for more details on this version click here, and a version with a Perspex case included, for more details on this version click here.

Click here to find out more about Autodesk.

Buy British:

 This kit is designed and manufactured in the UK by Kitronik.

Please note: this product has been discontinued and is present for reference only. It is not possible to buy this product.

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Posted by Fraser Wilson, Tuesday, 15 January 2013 on product Retail Pack - Mono Amplifier Kit - no longer stocked
  • 0
    A: The outer diameter of the speaker is 66mm, there is a compressed card seal around the edge of the speaker. The inside diameter of the seal is 60mm so I?d make the hole 60mm in diameter. If you have access to a laser cutter then you can make some quite nice designs as a grill.
    Posted by Geoff Hampson on Tuesday, 15 January 2013

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Physical characteristics:

  • PCB Length: 46mm.
  • PCB Width: 36mm.
  • PCB Component Count: 13.

Electrical characteristics:

  • Voltage Nominal: 9V.
  • Voltage Range: 3V - 16V.
  • Standby Current: 4mA.
  • Current Max at Nominal Voltage: 60mA.
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