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MP3 Mono Amplifier Project Kit

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MP3 Mono Audio Amplifier Kit: can be used with any Personal Stereo Equipment, is supplied with a PP3 Clip and a Jack Cable, and uses a TBA820M Audio Amp IC.

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This audio amplifier kit can be used with any personal stereo equipment, including MP3 players. It uses a TBA820M audio amplifier IC which can output 1.6W of power. The kit is supplied with a PP3 battery clip and can run off any voltage from 3 to 16 volts. Also supplied is a pre-built jack cable.

This kit includes:

  • 1 x TBA820M audio amplifier IC
  • 1 x 8 pin IC holder
  • 1 x 1ohm resistor
  • 1 x 100ohm resistor
  • 1 x 10Kohm resistor
  • 2 x 100uF capacitor, electrolytic
  • 1 x 220uF capacitor, electrolytic
  • 1 x 470pF capacitor, ceramic disc
  • 2 x 100nF capacitor, ceramic disc
  • 1 x PP3 clip lead
  • 1 x 3.5 stereo jack cable
  • 1 x speaker (8ohm, 66mm)
  • 1 x mono amplifier PCB

It works nicely off a 9V battery (not supplied) or if you want to run it of the mains why not try our 12V wall power unit.

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PCB LxW (mm): 45.5 x 35.5.
PCB Component Count: 10.
Voltage Nominal (V): 4.5.
Voltage Range (V): 3 - 9.
Standby Current (mA): 4.
Current max at Nominal Voltage (mA): 60.

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Note: Schools will receive a more detailed set of teaching notes on a CDROM.

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Posted by James, Friday, 21 June 2013 on product MP3 Mono Amplifier Project Kit


I have completed a PCB but it is not plasying anything other than a ticking noise.I have checked for any faults and it all seems as it should work. What exactly will it work with? ipod, phones (other than iphone) or standard MP3 player? Just put a big order in for my class and need them to know what it will work with. Cheers


  • Posted by Aaron Sturman on Friday, 21 June 2013
    Hi James, the mono amp should work with anything that has a 3.5mm socket. I can confirm it works with an iphone just fine if you put it in the headphones socket. I would recommend taking a photo of the top and the bottom of the board and emailing them to support@kitronik.co.uk and I will take a look at what is causing the problem.
Posted by Joe, Tuesday, 18 June 2013 on product MP3 Mono Amplifier Project Kit


I had this product all wired up and it worked for 2 weeks but then, whenever i use it i get a buzzing noise from it and the sound quality becomes very poor. Could you please advise me on what to do about this. Thanks.


  • Posted by Geoff Hampson on Tuesday, 18 June 2013
    Have you left the battery connected while the kit is not in use? As the amplifier will take a bit of power to amplify the silence and once flat the board wont work.
Posted by Keith, Tuesday, 14 May 2013 on product MP3 Mono Amplifier Project Kit


Hi, Is it possible to add a volume control to this kit for my project? I know this is available on the stereo kit but I only want to use one speaker. Is there a way of using the stereo kit to produce a mono output? Thanks, Keith


  • Posted by Aaron Sturman on Tuesday, 14 May 2013
    A 10K Trimmer Pot (variable resistor) placed just after the audio input will act as a volume control. When set to minimum resistance the volume will be full and as the resistance is increased the volume will go down.
Posted by Iwan, Thursday, 29 November 2012 on product MP3 Mono Amplifier Project Kit


Hi. We have been soldering the MP3 amplifier kit and a few of the pupils have had trouble with the volume of the speaker. Do you know the reasoning behind this? maybe something to do with one of the capacitors? Thank you


  • Posted by Geoff Hampson on Thursday, 29 November 2012
    There are a number of reasons why the kit might be quiet. Within the teaching material there is a fault finding flow chart which lists these reasons. If we assume the batteries are good and the volume on the music source is good then, the other options are: IC1 for a short on pins 1&2, 2&3 or 6&7 R1 & R2 are in the right place For a dry joint on C4, R2 or IC1 pin 2.
Posted by Alexandre, Wednesday, 28 November 2012 on product MP3 Mono Amplifier Project Kit


Hello,Whell my school ordered some of these and i have one But my teacher did say we can change the speaker What is the maximum wattage i can use with these amplifier. Thanks


  • Posted by Geoff Hampson on Wednesday, 28 November 2012
    It depends upon the voltage you run the amplifier at as to what the output power will be. That said if you work on needing a speaker that can handle a peak power of at least 1W then you will be fine. You can of course go for a higher wattage speaker and whilst the amplifier won?t be able to drive the speaker at its full power the higher power speakers do tend to be of a better quality. That said if you try and drive a speaker that is too higher power the amplifier won?t have enough power to move the coil at all. So my recommendation would be a speaker between 1W and 20W. The speaker should have a resistance of 8 ohms. We do a higher power full range speaker which sounds really clear with the kit, see: http://www.kitronik.co.uk/products/components/audio/speakers/20w-10cm-full-range-speaker/

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